Keep your keyboards germ-free with a SpeedSkin cover. These removable covers are easy to clean with no risk of damaging your keyboard or laptop. Particularly useful if multiple people use the same device, SpeedSkin is a great solution to ensure your tech stays hygienic too.

SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers improve touch-typing skills and early reading instruction. They also enable access to the world of technology for students with special needs and visually impaired and manually impaired students. We also have a range of covers for language conversion.

SpeedSkin Keyboard Cover

SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers for reading readiness are available as either SPEEDSKIN for standard PC keyboards,  i-SKIN for use on shallow / laptop-style keyboards and ULTRASLIM for Ultrabooks and chrome books with flat keys.

SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers are distributed exclusively in the UK by Stephen Proops.  SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers can be purchased securely online from this website.

  • Peek-Proof Keyboard Covers for Keyboarding Instruction
  • Early Reading Instruction Keyboard Covers for reading readiness imprinted with UPPER case / lower case letters
  • Special Needs Keyboard Covers for the visually impaired, blind, and manually impaired:
  • English LARGE PRINT Keyboard Covers for the visually impaired
  • Speedskin® for language conversion

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