SpeedSkinĀ® For Language Conversion

There are over 100 foreign languages hidden in your PC computer operating system and about 20 in your Apple Macintosh.
Did you know that if you chose one of these foreign languages, you would need a whole new keyboard? There is a better solution.
SpeedSkin introduces another first, the Conversion/c-Skin, a foreign language keyboard conversion cover.
SpeedSkin language conversion keyboard covers can unlock the foreign language of your computer.
Did you know that a foreign language could easily be added to your desktop? And that with the click of your mouse you can toggle between English and any other language you choose?Now you can easily input text in the language of your choice by:
– Choosing a specific language from your computer operating system.
– Placing a c-Skin imprinted with that specific language over your keyboard.
– Product insert provides instructions for selecting a foreign language from the operating system and adding it to your PC or Apple Mac desktop.With SpeedSkin language-conversion covers, you can easily convert your computer from one language to another just by placing a language cover over your keyboard to match the language you have chosen in your operating system. Thus you have converted your English keyboard to one of many languages of your choice.Standard Languages:
Spanish (traditional)
French (standard)
German (standard)
English (upper/lower case or large print)
Belgian French


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You are now ready to:
– Teach language writing proficiency earlier, even within the first year in foreign language curriculum
– Correspond with family and friends in their primary language
– Conduct business in other languages

All this without changing keyboards or adding keycaps .

SpeedSkin covers fit PC and Apple Pro keyboards.
i-Skin covers fit laptop/shallow style keyboards (iBook, AlphaSmart, QuickPad and most portable keyboards and laptops).
Ultraslim covers fit Ultrabooks, Chromebooks and other keyboards with almost flat keys.

Other languages are available by special order – please contact us for details. Please note that we endeavor to carry stock of all standard languages, however one non-standard languages may need to be ordered in and may incur a delay of 6-8 weeks. Prices are exclusive of carriage. Our standard trading terms apply.

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