About SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers

speedskin_laptopSpeedSkin’s blank PC keyboard cover peek-proofs your keyboard so you don’t peek while practicing your typing lessons. One size fits all PC keyboards. Touch-sensitive, polyurethane cover lifts ON and OFF easily. If the cover is used consistently during drills, keyboard mastery becomes automatic and faster.

SpeedSkin LLC is based in Agoura Hills, California and was founded in 2002. Stephen Proops is the exclusive UK distributor for SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers.

Over 1 million SpeedSkin covers have been sold to teachers and students worldwide.

Customer Reviews for SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers

“I have been teaching keyboarding skills to elementary students for 4 years. This product really has made a difference in the time it takes them to master typing. The kids like it so much, many ask where they can buy one to use at home.”

“Having the skin on the keys has forced me to learn how to properly type. Prior to getting this, I constantly looked at the keys which slowed me down but now, WOW!!!! I am more confident about knowing where the keys are and as a result my typing speed has improved.”

“I bought this for my 10 and 12 year old homeschool children. I love it because my 12 year old has been “pecking” at the computer for a few years already, and has developed some bad habits. It was really hard for him not to look down. The skin that fits over the keys is the perfect solution! ”

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