Speedskin for special needs


SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers for Visually Impaired, Blind and Special Needs Students

SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers provide access to the world of technology for students who have special educational needs or are visually impaired, blind or manually impaired.

English UPPER / lower case Reading Readiness Keyboard Covers enable special needs and visually impaired students and younger children to recognise all the letters of the alphabet more quickly and easily. They can visually associate both upper and lower case letter combinations.

Students gain feelings of success, self-sufficiency, confidence and independence as they master UPPER and lower case letter recognition – a basic reading skill.

Using SpeedSkin® Reading Readiness Keyboard Covers, special needs students have all they need on the keyboard to respond to reading software prompts without asking their teachers or aides for help. They can now use the computer like everyone else.

English LARGE PRINT for the Visually Impaired

With English LARGE PRINT Keyboard Covers placed on the keyboard, the computer becomes instantly accessible to those with visual impairments. Take it from computer to computer – it fits all. (It also works well for those who are “too vain” to wear glasses or cannot find their reading glasses!)

English LARGE PRINT imprinted on our bright orange Keyboard Covers enhances PC and laptop keyboards in darkened areas such as an aeroplane or TV room.

SpeedSkin covers fit PC and Apple Pro keyboards.
i-Skin covers fit laptops/shallow style keyboards (iBook, AlphaSmart, QuickPad and most portable keyboards and laptops).

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Showing all 3 results