SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers – Peek-Poof Solution to Keyboarding Instruction and Touch Typing

Speedskin Keyboard Cover

Do your students watch their fingers as they type?

SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers are the peek-proof, hassle-free solution to improve your students’ keyboarding speed and accuracy.

Using SpeedSkin®,  i-Skin® OR Ultraslim Keyboard Covers accelerates keyboard memorisation and trains your students to keep their eyes on the screen, not on their fingers.

The one-piece overlay Keyboard Cover is precision moulded to cover each of the alphanumeric and punctuation keys individually. The durable SpeedSkin®,  i-skin® or Ultraslim is easily positioned over the keys or removed as a single unit.

Keyboard Cover Features include:

  •  The durable, touch-sensitive polyurethane keyboard cover ensures that your students concentrate on touch typing
    rather than watching their fingers
  •  Precision moulded for Easy On / Easy Off multi-purpose keyboard usage
  •  Can be used with any keyboard and keyboarding instruction programme
  •  Home-key indicators give a tactile starting place
  •  Comes with a clear plastic storage tray
  •  Bright orange colour provides easy classroom visibility

Improve your students’ keyboard speed and accuracy with SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers.

SpeedSkin® Keyboard Covers fit all PC-style and Apple Pro keyboards.

i-Skin® Keyboard Covers fit most laptop-style keyboards such as iBook, AlphaSmart, Quickpad and other portables.

Ultraslim Keyboard covers fit ultrabooks, Chromebooks and similar computers.

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